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What is Mental Health? and making it a less taboo subject.

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

What is mental health?

Emotional and psychological well-being is the basis of mental health.

Stress, anxiety and depression is a state of mind that can leave individuals debilitated from their day to day routines.

These conditions tend to be put in the minor category of Mental Health but can have major affects on a persons life.

Mental health has become like the 'elephant in the room', something that stares us in the face, yet everyone is afraid to speak about it. Making it now a subject that has become very taboo.

"After several years of dealing with stressful circumstances I experienced my first period of anxiety in 2015, I decided to speak out on the awareness of Mental health & overcoming it, in a more holistic approach." ~ Nicole Babb

Mindfulness is an Holistic approach to healing the Mind and helps you to identify what you are presently feeling, allows yourself to process it and then let it go.

Considering 1 in 4 of us will suffer from some sort of Mental health issue in our lifetime, it is a shame that it is not spoken about as freely as, skin conditions or weight problems. When in actual fact most of the health problems individuals suffer from, stem from the mind, what we eat and not keeping the body active.

These conditions have a lot to do with, what the mind perceives and then the way it processes the information, mainly based on our core beliefs and at times lifestyle and the environment an individual is in, can be a major contributing factor.

I am here to help individuals understand the way the mind works and to raise the awareness of Mental Health.

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